Monday, February 11, 2008


Hi ! Friends,
Invest Consulting India is my endeavour to share whatever little knowledge I have gained over the past 15 years by trading in Indian Stock Markets. It is very difficult to find sound advice in share market as the un-certainity looms large and the reason for major gains as well as losses.

When you start investing you need someone to help you out in understanding what stocks or shares are and what do bond yeilds mean,How to start your share trading ,or invest in shares as they say (I shall differentiate that later). With the electronic trading these days opening an account is simple some of the trading sites are, 5paisa .com, hdfcsecurities .com,motilaloswal, india bulls,karvy etc., Personally I would recommend for beginners to use because of its simplicity and webbased trading and the facility of automatic transactions with the bank which makes it hassle free. However for fast trading and those who trade frequently intrday , a ODIN terminal by 5 paisa gives you the edge.

So if you are planning to invest in stocks or shares in india there are many consulting sites but you have to decide for your self over the period of time after testing them as to what suits your temperament.
I shall try to give the beginners a feel of fundamental analysis and thereafter technical analysis as well incorporate newsletter and recommendations which some of my friends have found useful- . Wish you good luck and good trading. keep a watchout on the reliance power ipo-a good buy at the reduced rates for investment purposes.

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