Friday, February 15, 2008

Intra Day, Daily,Weekly Trading Calls

Trading calls as different from investment calls with longer time horizon need a different type of handling.
  1. Intraday Trading Calls require not only continuous monitoring but also a good trading platform such as ODIN provided by (India infoline) or Religare Securities. Web based trading platforms or software though easy to operate by small investors who feel safe and find it easy such as etc; is not suitable for intra day-you may take daily or weekly calls on these type.
  2. Daily trading require carrying over of positions to the next day and carry the inherent risk of overnight news.
  3. Weekly positions require a different strategy- however in technical analysis you should ALWAYS KEEP THE CHART OF ONE STEP HIGHER IN MIND---IT KEEPS YOU SAFE. Much of that later-trade well , trade safe.

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